January 4, 2012


Aren't we all supposed to be floating around in hovercrafts by now? I feel a little mislead...

Happy New Year friends! What an incredibly long blog break I took! Sorry to those who kept checking back to find nada, but it was so joyous to be without the internet for that long. But alas, I'm back at work and the booty I spent time toning over break will quickly return to administrative mush.

Did you all have a good Christmas? I hope it was fabulous! I know that ours was. It was so incredibly relaxing to just spend time together at home and stay in pjs all day. I'm easy to please. We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, had cocoa, opened presents, made our delicious roast chicken feast for two, played Scrabble, watched Elf... it was such a relaxing day. No need to travel or entertain, just enjoyed the day and contemplated our Savior's birth. Did anyone start any new traditions or have any awesome tried and true ones? We're accepting ideas :)

Will gave me so many thoughtful and creative gifts too! I got some things I asked for, like 500 Days of Summer, but he also picked out some great things I never would have thought of. He made a light fixture like these ones on Design Sponge because he knew I loved them, and he got me these bad boys because, well, you know...

Let's just take a moment to applaud my hub for knowing his wife well enough 
to get her playing cards designed with the most beautiful font on this planet.
{standing ovation}

Thank you dear, they are gorgeous.

He's just so clever and creative. And I also made some artwork for him! I needed to stay up til 2AM the night before because I'm a major slacker, but they were a hit. I'll take some shots of them and showcase them soon.

So after a week of vegging with the hub and the dog, watching movies, watching maybe a little too much of The Twilight Zone marathon, playing five games of Scrabble, two games of Yahtzee and eating WAY too much junk food, we've made it successfully into 2012. It's time to turn over the leaf of gluttony and get into healthy practices again!

Will and I don't have any super concrete 2012 goals yet, but I'm working on some in my little cranium - another game we should have played over break. I'll update soon with some 2012 goals, but for now, here are some good ones to get the goal-juices flowing...


I concur.
Do you have any new year's goals that you're particularly excited about?

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  1. Haha, yes we should have hover cars by now! The "future" has been one big sham! Love those playing cards :-) xo


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