January 27, 2012

in awe. and jealous.

If I could have any artistic skill, I would choose this one. I know that I'm not talented/patient enough to actually design typefaces, but if I could use them to create beautiful typographical art, I would be on cloud nine. Isn't letterpress just so intricate and gorgeous? I'm so impressed with the quality of work when done well. Maybe I'll take a class someday.

This video was featured on an awesome design site called Quipsologies. They are on the prowl for great new things in the field of design and publish findings from readers. You should check it out!


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  2. Cas, when you come to visit me in Switz we're going to go to the Paper Mill because they have an old printing press like that and they let visitors try it out! If you wait a bit on this website, a picture of the press will come around: http://www.papiermuseum.ch/index.php


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