{photo by R. William Baldwin}
Welcome to this little blog of mine. This space started as a travel journal (named after a stellar Coldplay song) to keep my family and friends abreast on my Australian adventures. Since then, I've written about my experiences of finishing college, graduating, getting engaged, getting married, moving a few times, all the while learning more about myself and growing in faith. Now, this blog serves as my primary creative outlet in my not-so-creative work environment, so pardon me as I basically spew whatever needs to come out.

This is my counterpart and best friend, William - we love him. 
{photo by Scotland Huber}
 Surprisingly, he's not a J.Crew model. I know. Weird.

Some tidbits about me/us?
+ I drink lots of tea.
+ We play outside. And want to do it for a living. Run, bike, hike, climb, surf, dive. All of it.
+ I studied Communications (Media Studies) and minored in Recreation and Leisure Studies. He studied Recreation and Leisure concentrating on Outdoor Education.
+ I'm a New Englander, born and raised. Die hard, baby.
+ Right now we live in a beautiful Pennsylvania farmhouse near Philly, helping the in-laws with a multitude of household projects and business ventures.
+ Australia is a place near and dear to our hearts, as it's the home to beloved family members and we've both spent time living there.
+ We will soon be avid and frequent travelers.
+ We love Jesus Christ and savor God's creation.
+ We would love to be writers (me), photographers (Will), shop owners, creators, teachers, students, and deep relators.

That's a bit of me and a bit of my life with him.
Thanks for reading, friends, and for letting me be creative here.
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