December 23, 2011

merry merry!

Well folks, I'm sure for many that the festivities begin today. I know they do for us! 
On the docket for the weekend:

1. Party at work today with lots of yummies and a yankee swap with gifts from home. I hope I don't inherit someone else's crap.
2. Crochet my head off at work so I can finish a scarf for my niece.
3. Christmas with my side of the family! Two parents, two grandparents, two brothers, a sister-in-law, a lovely girlfriend, three nieces, three nephews, the husband and a pug. Brother and lovely girlfriend in California will be dearly missed. Oh and Chinese food, hallelujah.
4. Bonfire tonight at a friend's house, post family gathering.
5. Presents with parents Christmas Eve morning.
6. Grocery shopping for our Christmas Day feast for two.
7. Back home to make three of Will's gifts (yikes) and then wrap my head off. My poor head will receive quite a beating this weekend.
8. Try to relax and wait for some snow.
9. And on Christmas Day? A little of this action...


Boo ya.

I'll be taking a hiatus for a spell as we all party and make merry.
And I have a week of vacation next week! Rejoice. Thanks college :)
I'm in dire need of some extreme R&R. The perks of living far away on our distant point is that is 
allows me to justify being a shut in and I love it. The other tidbit to note is that we don't have
 internet at home, and it's actually quite great. I know, "GASP!" you're thinking. 
Most people would panic at that thought, but it's nice to unplug at home after being at a computer all day.
So on my internet fast at home, you'll be seeing less of me.

some fun for the season...

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and remember the King who was born on this day.


  1. great little list.
    and totally digging the new layout! :)

  2. hope you had a wonderful christmas! Happy new year too!! Glad I found your blog, so dang cute! can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts! :]


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