January 12, 2012


I'm not a photographer at all. I've always said that I didn't really have an interest in learning because I feel like everyone and their mom is all, "yeah, I'm into photography" and I think "sure you are." Not to be rude, but we can't all be photographers. Some people have definitely got it and some people don't. If you want to learn a new hobby, that's fine, but I can't help but think that so many people want to learn photography just to be "artsy" and cool.

And I admit that I'm not a photographer in the slightest, but I found myself playing around on Saturday morning just to see how it worked. My hub gave me some lessons on shooting in manual and it was definitely tricky and took a lot of time.

Here are some of my experimentation shots from around the house as I was tinkering with adjusting everything on manual. There are also some things I've been meaning to show some friends, so this is for them. Don't judge, because I'm not claiming to be talented, or artsy, or cool.  ;)

{inspired by this}
Some art I made my hub for Christmas - see my reflection with my father-in-law above :)
{inspired by various things on Etsy}

This is a gem I found at a yard sale. Best 5 bucks I've ever spent.
A friend of ours gave us two of those mason jars as a "wedding present" because he knows me so well, so I filled them with the most perfect pine cones as Christmas decor by our kitchen sink.
And that green bottle is from my brother's amazing home-made beer. 
It's a wonderful life being related to a gourmet chef.

I made two spice racks out of wooden pallets (so many uses for those!) 
and there's our Russian nesting doll measuring cups :)

Above you'll see my favorite place in all the land.
(The three windows above our bed overlook the ocean, where the sun rises. I know, it's a hard life.)

 Look who's still kickin' around! I adore the tree and won't get rid of him before his time.

The end.
Thanks for tolerating my tinkerings. I was half impressed with myself since it was so tricky!
But don't worry - I'm not a budding photographer like the rest of the world.
Real photographers, how did I do?


  1. Hello, talent! Wonderful pictures! I love your crafts you did. Especially the states with the hearts.

    love you thebaby. xo MWB

  2. A few things...
    1. Nice job! Someone knows how to balance a light meter! :)
    2. WHO'S DOG IS THAT?!?! If you got a dog and didn't tell me, I'm going to be supremely disappointed.
    3. The clock lives on. Does Will hate it as much as Christine did?
    4. Is that Campfire Cuisine I see there? ;)

    1. 1. woo! a compliment from you in this department is a great thing :)
      2. no no, not ours. trust me, you'd know if we got a dog. i would be exploding and post photos like he was my child. that's my brother-in-law dog. will's parents were visiting with the two pooches.
      3. haha, oh the clock. i think his days are numbered, but will tolerates it :) I almost gave a shout out to christine with that photo.
      4. YES. bets, that book is seriously amazing. thank you so so much :)

    2. I don't know, we might have gotten a dog!

  3. hmmmmm haha. love the photos.

  4. Look at the home. And look at the photos! Content, composition; I like them very much.


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