September 30, 2011

a great big thanks to the 1960's

I'm feeling thankful to the 1960's for the wonderful fashion trends that we have today. We're
 rockin' a hybrid of styles from the 60's, 70's and 80's these days, but here's a 
peek at what beauties come to us from the 60's.

My co-worker recently lent me Barbra Streisand's 1968 hit Funny Girl and I really enjoyed it. 
The best part though? Her clothes! What a freaking trendsetter. Take a look:

Half way through the movie, she ditched her long locks for this adorable stacked bob. 
Was this not the copied style of last year? Why yes. Still love it, especially in the top photo.

(pardon the widescreen shot)

but this above outfit may have been my favorite. The slate teal colored drop-waisted dress with side tie (see above) and the long knotted pearl necklace. Top it off with some chunky rings? 
Well done, Miss Fanny Brice.

scarf headband over her "poofed" up bob.

the color on this one is a bit intense, but the high-buttoned bodice is great with the tiered ruffled skirt.

in higher fashion settings (NYC, Italy) animal print is actually making another comeback.

shoulder cut-outs, glamorous beading, fabulous skirt on that gown, beehive with a braided headband.
a. ma. zing.

So there you have it. The talented and fashionable "Fanny Brice" paved way for the future.
Thanks Barbra!


September 27, 2011

the climb is calling

Crisp air fills our lungs - sweet smell of pine.
 Golden light descends on our approach as we warm our bones, 
cool dry stone ready for the vertical dance.

{poem from the prAna fall catalog -thanks for the inspiration}

September 23, 2011

finally fall

Happy first day of fall to you all! 
I'm pumped because of all that that means.
Most importantly, including but not limited to the following:
I also have a sweater and I call her Big Cozy. She makes me feel like this:

She doesn't look like this, she only makes me feel like this. It's pretty great.

But it's also almost time for drawing fun pictures in my latte again! That's always a fall milestone.

And here's a fun list floating around the blogosphere, that I say "amen" to wholeheartedly:

I'm so glad it's finally here :)

Enjoy the autumn!

September 22, 2011

house of wood

I originally came across this house on freshome and it reminded me of the treehouses I posted a while back. Take a gander... isn't this house so interesting? Here's the front view...

and the back...

is there a garage or something under the house? scary...

and the sides:

cute garden area and shutters, but why oh why does your house teeter on the side of a cliff? not the wisest.

now the stunning interior:

say whaaaat? office of my dreams much? I don't know, that may be too hasty to say. but with all of the light shining in and the books? jeez. they must have one of those sliding ladders to reach the top. unreal.
oh, and nice old mac desktop in the background. classic = instant respect.

do you think their house always smells like the forest? how fun, like one of the air fresheners that dangles from your rearview mirror only life size!

so how many trees, do i dare ask? alas. the price for a unique house, i guess.
like one of those jellybean in the glass jar games, my guess would be 193 trees.

September 13, 2011

beating the beast

It's getting serious. I feel as though I've been plagued for the past two months and I just won't have it anymore. All day, I've been researching ways to conquer this devilish chronic fatigue I've been feeling.

For starters, this most inspiring pin (of things I need more of in my life):

I'm currently reading a piece of fiction and I'm chock full of dumb ideas waiting to emerge! Check.

But here are some other more practical things that my sleepy self really really needs.

So here are the makings of the more practical new life plan:

 - Bring an extra bag to work that basically consists of all the day's healthy snack foods:
Cheese, nuts, fruit and things of the like. And my water bottle.

- Eat more fiber: toast, bran flakes, granola, nuts, beans, edamame...

- Eat dinner no later than 7PM, and no dessert past 8:30.


- Create pact with co-worker and husband that we will all exercise before work at 8AM, because we're too tired after work. Yikes. This could be...
- at the gym
- driving 1/2, biking 1/2 to work
- run in the woods

- hike Mt. Chocorua this month

- hike Mt. Washington next month


- Bed at 10, up at 6:40. And I mean the real 6:40. Not the 6:40 that is actually hitting snooze til 7:20.
Weekends? Eh, we'll see. Maybe up at 8? Gotta ease into that...

- Set one alarm and get up with it, not intervals of three separate alarms.

- Use the fan to cool the room down.

- Put on our new flannel sheets :) bad idea?

- Put music on right when we wake up to get us moving

Let's see if this makes a difference! If I don't see results after next week, 
I'll either call a doctor or choose to hibernate for the winter.

September 8, 2011

inspired & affirmed

Thanks to Jo for showing me how to wear my new (new to me, anyway) loafers! I got these killer loafers from Savers for $7.99 and I was quite pleased. Score 1 for me! Even more pleased when I peeled off the price sticker to reveal "Genuine Leather, Banana Republic."

Score about 200 more for me.

But I was feeling a little self-conscious because I knew that I liked my loafers, but would it advance my age 50 years? Is that no good? I had some ideas of how I'd wear them, but then I found this little nugget. Thanks to Jo for pinning this piece of inspiration...

And #6 loafers look just like mine! Win. What do you think? Too granny-like still? 

September 6, 2011

craft central.

Not to toot our own horns or anything, but Will and I have been pretty crafty these days around the homestead. Nothing too tricky, but I think because we're always so busy/tired, I'm just surprised they were accomplished in the first place. Here was project number one...

earring organizer

1. frame: purchased for $1 at Second Glance in Rockport

2. screen: purchased for $1.50 (2 feet) at a local hardware store

3. staple gun that sucker right on there (thanks to dads & husbands)

4. and BOOM: your earrings have a happy new home.

I know. Nothing too revolutionary, but it's pretty to look at 
and makes my life easier, so I'm pleased. More to come!

September 2, 2011

the most glorious union.

Will and I witnessed a most glorious union last night. The most glorious besides that of he and I, in my humble opinion. Here's how it went down:

This indie artist moved to Boston.

He had been playing the cd of an artist from Cambridge 
non-stop and absolutely loved it. He adored her voice
and slightly idolized her. He got a gig at a bar,

and she was in the front row watching.

This indie artist was so surprised to see him, because she had also
been following his career, becoming obsessed with his new cd.

They met after the show, started writing music,

& fell in love.

Ten years later, they're married with two kids, 
four full-length albums, and they tour the world.

They're my favorite, they're The Weepies.

Deb and Steve, thanks for coming back home to Boston and putting on the most fabulous 
acoustic evening.  
You are wonderful, and even more so to me now that you've dazzled me live and in person.
So incredibly impressive. Raw talent & uniquely fun.
Please never ever stop writing, touring, and being adorable.

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