April 7, 2014

big news...

Some of you may know this already, but Will and I are right on the cusp of the next big phase of our lives. Where on earth has the month of March gone? Where have I been? Let me show you:

Will and I have been working pretty dang hard over the past year (mostly under wraps) planning an adventure. We will be spending the next four months living in our MINI Cooper on a road trip of the great US of A, then working in wilderness education again after that, and then heading to Australia for a bit. We are so overjoyed that all of our musings and daydreams are finally becoming a reality. 

Sorry to keep you hanging, but this is all starting in four days.

And over a year ago, we had the idea to start a blog together - we would split the tasks, but I would mostly write and Will would mostly take photos. We came up with a name, had big ideas, but for some reason it never materialized. Whether we were too tied up in our monotonous routine or we felt there was a reason to wait, the timing now feels better than ever. It makes perfect sense for the launch of our joint creative adventure to go hand-in-hand with our joint life adventure.

I'd like you to meet good morning, mountain. 

This blog will maintain a fair bit of the "lifestyle feel" - the goings-on in our days, the little gifts, things we like. But it will also feature outdoor adventures, travel stories, reviews, deeper conversations, and my husband.   :)

The past four years in this space have been fun, but largely wandering and aimless. What I'm most excited about with good morning, mountain is vision. The idea of a clean slate is exciting and also daunting. I'm so grateful for those of you who have followed faithfully or casually here on Life in Technicolor. It's been cool to see that folks still read things here even when I'm less present, but I think there may be very few posts in this space (if any) moving forward. I'm thrilled to fully embrace our new blog home!

With that, I invite you to hop on over to good morning, mountain to learn more about what's coming up for us. Then, we'd love it if you followed along for the journey.

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