May 27, 2011


Since I made mention of this little happening yesterday, 
I thought I'd give a little taste of our ideas and 
what's to come in July - let me know what you think!

May 26, 2011

our sports.

We've just got to hustle and get this "getting married" thing out of the way (43 days) so that we can enjoy a summer of pure, active, adventurous bliss. Can. not. wait. Summer on Cape Ann, we're coming soon.

May 18, 2011

Twists & Turns

I know that they aren't entirely practical, but oh how I swoon over spiral staircases. Some are a bit perilous with no railings of any kind, but aesthetically they're a dream. Who cares if you're hospitalized - your staircase is a pure work of art.

May 10, 2011


I hadn't noticed until I was cooking that my dinner last night began with the letter E. I just thought that was fun and kind of like an episode of Sesame Street. "Tonight's letter is...

E! Featuring eggplant and edamame!" When I saw edamame at Trader Joe's, I simply couldn't pass it up. It's such a gem and oh so easy.

Fried Eggplant with Garlic (on a snazzy 50 cent plate from a thrift store in Rockport)

and Steamed Edamame with Salt (in a bowl from my pottery class!)

It was absolutely delectable. Wouldn't change a thing. Except I would have wished for a microwave to warm up some left over orzo to eat with my meal... except that would have ruined the whole "E" thing. Having a whole dinner starting with vowels isn't nearly as cool, so forget the orzo. I'd rather just have "E".

Except for my dessert which didn't begin with E. It began with Mochi.

Not familiar with Mochi? Neither was I until my wonderful man introduced me to it. I think it's Japanese and it's such a delicacy, this little treat. What we have here in exhibit A is Mochi in a bowl that I made in my pottery class. It's a rice pudding outside with a powdery sugar substance and ice cream inside. I got chocolate this time around and had to stop myself from buying strawberry too.

Now look at the little Mochi face on the right! He's just saying, "Come eat my gooey outer layer and my ice cream-y innards!" Okay, maybe he's not saying that, but the way it looks with a bite taken out is kind of scary so I had to give him some words.

So my dessert began with Mochi... and ended with Oreos. Don't judge me. Oreo has an "e" in it.

May 6, 2011


I might be a little bit dramatic, but I have been in a period of mourning lately. The last time I had hair this long was probably four years ago. I love short hair because it's so fast, easy and kind of edgy (depending on the style - RIP mohawk days), but long gone are the days of the single solitary braid to near elbows. A beautiful delicacy those are to me. I've been aching every time I see one lately.

May 4, 2011

Chic finds

I frequently tune into The Sartorialist for some fashionable spottings on the streets. Here are some of my recent faves...



New York

Some are wild with too many conflicting patterns, but these are nice yet still unique. Thoughts?
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