March 25, 2013

for moms

Now that the photo from the previous post actually does look like my backyard again (we woke up to a few inches and it's been continuing all day), here are some sights of spring.

For my mother-in-law who bought us these pink tulips, 
and for my mother in Massachusetts who needs these signs of spring so badly :) 

Sorry that you're so snowy, New England. Your feet upon feet of snow will melt soon enough.

And thanks to my husband for the sweet-smelling hyacinth. Keep 'em coming!

March 12, 2013

at the moment...

At the moment, it's not that snowy out. We actually have nothing lingering anymore, so don't be deceived. But I do just love that photo of our backyard covered in a light dusting.

I'm now reading (read: "listening to the audiobook of") Jane Eyre. It's a book that I've always wanted to read because I know it's a classic, but was intimidated by because of length and the time period in which it's set. Turns out it's actually very easy to get into, especially with Downton Abbey fresh on the brain. I also just finished To Kill a Mockingbird, after never being assigned to read it in school and having some embarrassing failed attempts. So that was also a huge reading success.

I'm enjoying snacking on pretzel sticks dipped into melted chocolate chips. Gotta love the salty & sweet.

I'm eager to watch Playing for Keeps - Redbox recently alerted me that it has arrived! It may look corny, but Will and I wanted to see it in theaters. Yay for saving ourselves about $15 because of Redbox.

I'm longing for the days when I'm not working four nights a week.

I'm excited about hosting our dear friends Josh & Emily this Thursday and Friday night! Can't wait to hang out with them!

I'm learning patience when it comes to paying off bills. With Will's new job, we finally have a larger steady income to pay things off/make some purchases we've been looking forward to. But even though the money is finally coming in, it still takes time to chip away. Sigh.

I'm loving the IKEA RENS Sheepskin rug and would want it in every room of my house, if that wasn't overkill. Might buy one with some new birthday money :)

I would like to go to Fort Myers, FL for some good ol' fun in the sun and to see some fam. Wish we could have time off for a road trip! At least the temps are rising here - in the 60's this past weekend!

I would like to cook this crazy-awesome looking veg lasagna. And you would probably like to come over for dinner if I did.

I would like to buy these shoes, these shoes (in navy), and this gold number.

Until next time, friends,
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