January 9, 2012

first time for everything

My in-laws are visiting us for a week from Philadelphia, and on Saturday, Will and I gave his dad a taste of what we like to do! Will grew up playing outside with his dad, but as Will grew older, his interests expanded into more particular outdoor adventuring that Dad wasn't privy to. 
So it's not every day that you can coerce one of your parents into rappelling and rock climbing. I told my parents that they were next ;)  {and I mean it!} It was a pretty mild day for January (50 degrees!) but the rock always makes you feel so much colder. I was freezing my little appendages off by the end, but I'm so glad we went.

Red Rock, Gloucester, MA
 He was nervous at first, but then he rappelled like a pro :)
"I'm alive!"
Will tying Dad in to give climbing a try. Wearing his wife's harness because we only have two. 
How pretty :)

"You expect me to do what now?"

But look at him! Like a natural!

And this one comes home with me, folks. I win. Look how attractive he is.

Aaaand distracted again. It's bright and pretty. We love our rope.
Meanwhile, Dad totally rocked it. Pardon my pun - too good to pass up.
Dad did such an awesome job and was in shock at his accomplishments! 
This is why we love outdoor education.

Oh, and this. This happens sometimes.

Hope you all had enjoyably restful weekends!

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  1. ha! so fun! Look at papa Baldwin go!


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