December 7, 2011

whirlwind weekend

Whoa, where on Earth have I been? I've been so MIA lately! This weekend was jam-packed, and last week I was on a time crunch to finish my Christmas card orders by my self-induced deadline. But they were all printed successfully and look beautiful! Thanks so much to everyone who ordered!

Do you ever have those weekends that soar by and have close to zero moments of relaxation? If we could just have one more day to recover from the madness!

Friday we...

 saw this guy at the House of Blues:

Dallas Green of "City and Colour"

He's Canadian, he's hilarious, and oh so talented. See the post I featured him on here and check out his music!

Saturday we...

- Sold my car! We're now a one car family, folks.
- Got our first Christmas tree! It's adorable and I'm seriously in love. It's perfect. Photos to follow.
- Made a wreath. I love making wreaths and having pine-sappy hands. No sarcasm. It's great.

hiiiii wreeeaath.

- Cleaned the house like mad. Pine needles everywhere.
- Baked a blueberry pie.
- Baked two batches of the world's best cookies with the help of friends. You must try these lemon cookies.


- Had a Christmas party with almost 30 friends - wowza! Big success, tons of fun.

Sunday we...

- Went to the advent service at church. Every week of advent is in total darkness with just candles. Very cool.
- Had my dad and step-mom over to see our new place!
- Went to Latitude 43 for lunch with them - used a sweet coupon. Thanks, Eversave.
- Made Ghirardelli hot cocoa with milk on the stove. Unreal.
- Played Christmas music on my guitar!
- Were woken up at 3:30AM by a little guy who had snuck into our room through a hole in our wall behind our radiator. He looked like this:

Meet the northern flying squirrel. He was cold and really wanted to snuggle with my cozy hub, evidently. Will felt him scurry on the bed from his head region own to his feet. No offense dear, but I'm so glad it wasn't on my side of the bed. He's awfully cute, but I would have like passed out. At least he wasn't doing this when I saw him:

That's a lot less endearing. The state I saw him in was far cuter. 
So then Will spent some time trying to coax him out the door - luckily our bedroom has a door that leads to an outside staircase!

We were probably back asleep - safely on our couch - around 5AM.

And with that, Monday held a sick day for me. Sometimes your body just doesn't appreciate being that busy! But that was our weekend, in a nutshell. No pun intended... squirrels... love it.

Hope your weekend was packed with fun, but relaxing as well!

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  1. remember when we made wreaths and decorated dexta? :)
    also...your car is gone? yay for being a one-car family, but I feel a twang of sadness over that fact!
    my cousin's girlfriend had a flying squirrel got into their walls during the winter, and it was a baby, so they didn't want to release it back into the wild, so they named it Chloe and put it in a cage until it was older.


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