December 21, 2011

the wishlist

Everyone's doin' it, so why not. Here's mine. 

All things considered, I'm not after a ton. I'm very very excited that this is my first Christmas to be spent with the hub, which will be super special. We're doing our own thing this year - just us. Woohoo! Blaze the trail! Establish our own traditions! The world is our oyster! It shall be grand and minimalistic to boot. We're also dog-sitting right now, so it'll be us and the pooch. 
Heaps of fun, joy and merriment will be had by all.

But besides the obvious joy, I've also had my eye on these few things...

1. a fabulous flick | 2. smartwool striped baselayer | 3. j.crew keeper chambray shirt
4. fossil stella plated stainless steel watch; rose | 5. mountain hardware sarafin hoodie; snow

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