February 13, 2014

something else that's new.

Here’s something new around these parts: a few weeks ago, I got glasses!

At first, I was a bit insecure about the way they fit my face because I think they look a little large for my long and narrow face. However, they’ve grown on me and I’ve received nothing but compliments on them. I also don’t need to wear them all the time, so that helped me ease in. Upon further study, I think they work well with my face shape since they and my face are both kind of square-ish. Also, they are for distance, so the big lenses really help me gather everything in my line of sight and bring clarity!

I had been getting headaches more and more frequently, and Will and I had conducted some tests while driving to compare my vision with his. Turns out, I wasn’t able to read most road signs until the very last second - a tad unnerving. I also noticed that when viewing presentations at work, I had to literally stop looking at the screen and just listen in order to prevent a headache, no matter how close I was sitting to the front. It was clearly time for a test!

I’m so glad I got them. Honestly, since then it has been amazing how clear everything looks. It’s like I didn’t know what I was missing without the comparison. While watching TV now, I will start with my glasses on and then lower them from time to time throughout the episode (ie: Downton Abbey) and the contrast makes me feel practically blind. It’s shocking how much I must have been straining my eyes before. Thank goodness for the new spectacles! Love ‘em. 

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