February 26, 2014

here's what's up.

contemplating: What to do with my hair. It's in this place where I'm really trying to be good and grow it out, but I also haven't gotten a trim in an embarrassing amount of time. I'm torn between just getting a healthy trim, or cutting the necessary inch or two off that would be needed to ditch the obnoxious leftover layers from my pixie cut. go.a.way. layers!

looking forward to: The rest of How I Met Your Mother! Can't wait to see how they wrap it all up.

thrilled with: All three of the dresses I ordered from Ruche. Haha, woops. I was supposed to narrow it down and return some, but I just can't. And won't.

bummed about: Downton Abbey being over. AGAIN. Ten months is too long to wait for another season of a fantastic show. It feels like we just got started up again!

reading: In Praise of Slowness and really loving every word. Amen to slowing the heck down!

anticipating: Some big life changes coming up mighty fast. Stay tuned for that.

coveting: These sandals for meandering on summer days, and one more dress for my collection.

eating: Mostly vegetarian these days! Check out these recipe ideas.

anxious about: Super long to-do lists, and money. I hate that :/

learning: A lot about website hosting, Wordpress, and what goes into website building. Stayed tuned about that too :)

And that's what's up. Have a good week!


  1. Oh, Downton Abbey... The season finale was really good, but I am definitely left feeling unsatisfied... I hate having to wait so long!! Ehh...

    And your Ruche dresses are so cute! :)

    1. I know! I feel like they created too many loose ends and didn't have time to tie many of them up. The wait is torture!

      And thanks about the dresses! Now I'm just praying for spring time so I can wear them :)

  2. I watched How I Met Your Mother this fall (in an embarrassingly short amount of time)! Let's chat once you finish watching. John & I are currently starting season 3 of Downton. I feel like I have some sense of things (like who dies), but I'm still looking forward to it!
    Happy to hear you loved the dresses, although it is difficult when you don't intend to keep all of an order but then do. I have a feeling you will get a lot of wear out of them though because they're all so cute!
    aaand, can I borrow that book?

    1. 1. I'm fully up to date on HIMYM! I watch on CBS.com now on Tuesdays after it airs on TV on Mondays. So we can def chat :)
      2. Downton <3 You'll have you let ME know when you're caught up on that front and we can talk more. Season 3 is rough.
      3. True life about the dresses. I already want to wear them everyday and it's 30 degrees. Bad news bears.
      4. Don't own the book - library :( However, I'm considering buying the iBook instead so I can finish at my leisure. If there's a way I can share that with you, I will!
      5. I made my hair decision and got it cut last night. I'll have to write back to your email and send you a photo!

  3. I have to catch up on HIMYM. AJ bought a season 9 pass on Amazon so I need to hack his account (and by hack, I mean I know his password, so I just need to log on), and catch up on this season!
    I just ordered a StitchFix for next month (first one! woohoo!) and have a feeling I'm going to have an issue just choosing one or two things to keep…but maybe not! We'll see…
    Love the coveting things…and those sandals made me wonder if you've heard of Saltwaters…because if not, you need to check 'em out. I bought myself a pair last summer and they never left my feet. Similar to Birks but a smooth leather vs a suede-ish one, and they're completely waterproof…in fact, they didn't feel awesome the first time I wore them, and I read somewhere that you need to wet them while you wear them, so I literally just hosed off my feet one day and then they fit like a dream…super pumped to be able to break 'em out again!

    1. Definitely catch up on HIMYM! It's so good :) Not everyone has so far, but I really like season 9.

      Never heard of StichFix! That sounds fabulous! What a fun surprise :)

      And you know - I have heard of Saltwaters, but I'm not sure if they are really for me. The only ones I have seen like a little more girly and a little more tomboy-ish. Do they all have the ankle strap? That may be what it is. I will definitely look into them again though after your rave review!


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