February 14, 2014


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of loving things - I’ve been completely enthralled with these clogs lately (in Cognac or Bordeaux). Will and I are people who love our shoes. Each shoe purchase is deliberated over for what seems like months, and because of that, we are obsessed with nearly every pair we purchase. 

For the most part, we also love the other’s taste in shoes. Will wears the Timberland Earthkeepers, Clarks Desert Treks, these adorable Sperry sneakers… I love them all. And he loves my Madewell riding boots, my Clarks Fairfield “sneakers”, my Bensimon flats, my New Balance Minimus running shoes. But every once in a while, we are in very different camps. He hates my Sam Edelman ankle boots, which obviously makes me want to throw his opinion straight out the window. 

I’ve been really digging the look of these clogs with some cute skinny ankle jeans. I especially love it when the top is baggy and cozy. The clogs seem like a clunky, care-free way to add style and “dressiness” to an outfit. I’m not one for dainty shoes (I rarely wear heels), but these are tom-boyish enough to get it done. It’s like “I’m kind of frumpy and messy, but I still have stylish shoes - so there.”

If I ever got these though, I think they would quickly be on Will’s hate list and he’d want to toss them straight out the window.   ;)

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