February 20, 2014

25's a-comin'

My 25th birthday is fast approaching. Whoa. Here are some things that have been catching my eye. I'm not usually a dress-wearer, but I've been realizing lately that it could be because I'm not thrilled with my current options. I think I need some casual dresses that are more my style. All of these would look great with a pair of clogs, no? :) I got an amazing (and very rare) Ruche coupon a few days ago, so I snatched up all three to try them on!

1. madewell tomboy workshirt (have it in green & it's fabulous) // 2. essie chinchilly. so great for any season // 3. a top I've been eyeing from H&M for quite some time // 4. farmer's market tank dress from ruche // 5. aftermath striped dress from ruche // 6. starboard striped midi dress from ruche


  1. Love that Essie color; pretty sure I've almost bought it 2-3 times. Wahooo for upcoming birthdays :) Although, 25 seems a little scary to me...

  2. I know, that color is pretty near perfection. I'm loving neutrals these days. And 2-5! Crazy!


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