November 15, 2011

the new hood

As some of you know, Will and I moved about two weeks ago or so and things are awesome in our new hood. We used to live on this super congested city street that was a 90 degree hill you're lucky not to slide down, and now we live on the grounds of a swanky yacht club in the middle of no where. Win.

The other night, we were especially energized (given our fight against mono and other fatigue viruses) and we went on a night time adventure! We used to do this all the time in our dating days, and it almost always involves trespassing. We trespassed into the Manchester Boat Yard once and sat to have a lovely conversation on some rich person's yacht. We also went to a private state reservation after hours on numerous occasions to have some adventures (like this one). But this time, I think what we did was surprisingly legal.

In our new backyard lies the Eastern Point Lighthouse, seen here:

and in the water, sits this little tower:

and in between the two, lies THIS:

The monster jetty. It's so enormous. Seriously, so so long. Are jetties (drop the y and add -ies? Never seen it written like that) always this long? The thing had to be well over a mile. On our journey, we ran into many a seagull and nearly fell off the edge a total of zero times. I was a little nervous, but all was well and the surface area was about 10 feet wide. Not as precarious as I originally thought. 

The most nerve-racking thing was honestly the seagulls. They were in herds, people. HERDS. It was a living, breathing Alfred Hitchcock movie. Now, I have a fear of birds to begin with, so you know it's a bad sign when your husband says, "Sweetie, I don't mean to alarm you... but..." after he catches a glimpse of the upcoming herd from the lighthouse's rays. Yep. Roughly 75 birds chillin' for their evening sit/poop.

It was a very poopy jetty.

But the walk was so much fun and it was so quiet out there in the dark. When we got to the end, I teetered dangerously near the edge as monkey-man climbed the tower. We played for a little bit out on what felt like the ends of the earth, and then we trekked back to land. It's comical that it's about a 25 minute walk from our door, to the stone cliff in the middle of the ocean. Tons of fun.

I'm glad that our life is starting to hold adventures once again. Hopefully more to come :)

PS: best friend weekend of fun and girly nothingness was incredible. You can't go wrong when the sun wakes you up at 8:30 but you stay chatting and reading in bed until after 11. What a joy. I love my Ab.

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