November 17, 2011

in business

It's not even Thanksgiving yet but Christmas is on the brain. I didn't start it this time, I swear. 

I was asked to design a Christmas card for a friend's friend's non-profit, and that got me in the mood before mid-November. Hey, I don't hate it.

It was kind of a tricky job because I had to stifle a lot of ideas that I wanted to see come to life, so I just wrapped up that project and started designing my own cards! And yes, they're for sale and they're cheap cheap cheap. Way cheaper than any card you'd see online. Below are a few of my favorite styles.

There are 11 styles total and 3 sizes available - 5.25" square, 5x7" and 4.25x5.25". These are all samples and phrases and colors can be edited to your personal preference. All cards will be printed on recycled paper and cards can be shipped to your location.

50 cards = $27
100 cards =$53
(This includes the cost of card stock,
printing, cutting and folding. 
Envelopes not included.)

Cards don't need to be purchased in bulk. The exact amount you need can be printed, just contact me for a quote! The deadline to place an order is December 2nd.

As you can see, (and probably know by my pretty naked and simple blog) these greatly reflect my personal style preferences - modern and contemporary with delicious fonts (obv). 

Do you like them? Which one is your favorite? Support Christmas, Jesus, and the Baldwin family - order some cards ;)

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  1. Anonymous11/21/2011

    I like! The first, fourth, and eighth designs are my favorite.
    I miss you Cas. -Kyle Rees


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