September 13, 2011

beating the beast

It's getting serious. I feel as though I've been plagued for the past two months and I just won't have it anymore. All day, I've been researching ways to conquer this devilish chronic fatigue I've been feeling.

For starters, this most inspiring pin (of things I need more of in my life):

I'm currently reading a piece of fiction and I'm chock full of dumb ideas waiting to emerge! Check.

But here are some other more practical things that my sleepy self really really needs.

So here are the makings of the more practical new life plan:

 - Bring an extra bag to work that basically consists of all the day's healthy snack foods:
Cheese, nuts, fruit and things of the like. And my water bottle.

- Eat more fiber: toast, bran flakes, granola, nuts, beans, edamame...

- Eat dinner no later than 7PM, and no dessert past 8:30.


- Create pact with co-worker and husband that we will all exercise before work at 8AM, because we're too tired after work. Yikes. This could be...
- at the gym
- driving 1/2, biking 1/2 to work
- run in the woods

- hike Mt. Chocorua this month

- hike Mt. Washington next month


- Bed at 10, up at 6:40. And I mean the real 6:40. Not the 6:40 that is actually hitting snooze til 7:20.
Weekends? Eh, we'll see. Maybe up at 8? Gotta ease into that...

- Set one alarm and get up with it, not intervals of three separate alarms.

- Use the fan to cool the room down.

- Put on our new flannel sheets :) bad idea?

- Put music on right when we wake up to get us moving

Let's see if this makes a difference! If I don't see results after next week, 
I'll either call a doctor or choose to hibernate for the winter.

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  1. Anonymous11/21/2011

    I just looked over at the oreos I was eating and shed a single tear.


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