November 11, 2011


Happy Wish Day, everyone!

November 11th... what a long anticipated day! I've already heard of so many people who chose this as their wedding day, and not gonna lie, it was one that we considered for a short stint! I'm praising God that we didn't settle on that though. First and foremost because an engagement that long would have made me self-destruct, but also because it's extremely blustery out today. Very yuck. Very... November in New England. 

But my co-workers and I were all amped about the day and celebrating at 11:11AM. We were going to dance around, make lots of noise... you know, all the things that are necessary at an arbitrary time on an arbitrary day. But lo and behold, we missed it. What a fail. It wasn't until almost 12:30 that someone said, "Oh no! We missed 11:11!" and we all mourned. And we all know that I won't last until 11:11PM, so there goes that fun. What a waste.

Know any wedding happening today? Any fun plans to celebrate this rare occasion? The hub is going away for the weekend (our longest time spent apart since being wed, by the way - sad), but my very best friend is staying with me all weekend! How could I be so blessed? We'll paint nails, drink tea, and have the ultimate girl's weekend of nothingness. I'm thrilled.

Have a fabulous weekend all! 

Here's some fun thing to peruse in your spare time.


  1. boo...i missed it as well. in fact, it didn't even occur to me that it was 11/11 until i saw something on facebook about not knowing what to wish for. fail to the max. oh well.

  2. For any marriage-haters out there, my wife was not referring to the blessing of my absence. Rather, she was blessed by the presence of our friend Abby!

    On another note, I for one am glad you all missed that arbitrary time on that arbitrary day. And that 12.12 of this year is so far off. I like that word, 'arbitrary'.


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