September 2, 2011

the most glorious union.

Will and I witnessed a most glorious union last night. The most glorious besides that of he and I, in my humble opinion. Here's how it went down:

This indie artist moved to Boston.

He had been playing the cd of an artist from Cambridge 
non-stop and absolutely loved it. He adored her voice
and slightly idolized her. He got a gig at a bar,

and she was in the front row watching.

This indie artist was so surprised to see him, because she had also
been following his career, becoming obsessed with his new cd.

They met after the show, started writing music,

& fell in love.

Ten years later, they're married with two kids, 
four full-length albums, and they tour the world.

They're my favorite, they're The Weepies.

Deb and Steve, thanks for coming back home to Boston and putting on the most fabulous 
acoustic evening.  
You are wonderful, and even more so to me now that you've dazzled me live and in person.
So incredibly impressive. Raw talent & uniquely fun.
Please never ever stop writing, touring, and being adorable.


  1. They were just the most perfect things ever! So sweet, down to earth, and their chemistry is simply adorable! We were walking down South Street after the show and Steve walked past us and so we stopped him and chatted for about 5 minutes about where they live in SoCal, the concert, his kids, etc. He was great!

  2. Glad I could give you the tip!!!


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