September 30, 2011

a great big thanks to the 1960's

I'm feeling thankful to the 1960's for the wonderful fashion trends that we have today. We're
 rockin' a hybrid of styles from the 60's, 70's and 80's these days, but here's a 
peek at what beauties come to us from the 60's.

My co-worker recently lent me Barbra Streisand's 1968 hit Funny Girl and I really enjoyed it. 
The best part though? Her clothes! What a freaking trendsetter. Take a look:

Half way through the movie, she ditched her long locks for this adorable stacked bob. 
Was this not the copied style of last year? Why yes. Still love it, especially in the top photo.

(pardon the widescreen shot)

but this above outfit may have been my favorite. The slate teal colored drop-waisted dress with side tie (see above) and the long knotted pearl necklace. Top it off with some chunky rings? 
Well done, Miss Fanny Brice.

scarf headband over her "poofed" up bob.

the color on this one is a bit intense, but the high-buttoned bodice is great with the tiered ruffled skirt.

in higher fashion settings (NYC, Italy) animal print is actually making another comeback.

shoulder cut-outs, glamorous beading, fabulous skirt on that gown, beehive with a braided headband.
a. ma. zing.

So there you have it. The talented and fashionable "Fanny Brice" paved way for the future.
Thanks Barbra!


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