September 22, 2011

house of wood

I originally came across this house on freshome and it reminded me of the treehouses I posted a while back. Take a gander... isn't this house so interesting? Here's the front view...

and the back...

is there a garage or something under the house? scary...

and the sides:

cute garden area and shutters, but why oh why does your house teeter on the side of a cliff? not the wisest.

now the stunning interior:

say whaaaat? office of my dreams much? I don't know, that may be too hasty to say. but with all of the light shining in and the books? jeez. they must have one of those sliding ladders to reach the top. unreal.
oh, and nice old mac desktop in the background. classic = instant respect.

do you think their house always smells like the forest? how fun, like one of the air fresheners that dangles from your rearview mirror only life size!

so how many trees, do i dare ask? alas. the price for a unique house, i guess.
like one of those jellybean in the glass jar games, my guess would be 193 trees.

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  1. i love the little conversation that you had with yourself at the end of this post. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that office. The vaulted ceilings? The floor-to-ceiling bookshelves? The huge windows? Just dreamy.


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