September 8, 2010

Interrupted by Love.

I know that I haven't written in a month (gasp!) and I wasn't planning on doing it this way. I was planning on writing a legitimate entry about my life updates, God's changes in my plans, and more humbling stories of things I've learned. Trust me, this is all still to come, but I've been interrupted by such a great love.

I slept in until 9AM this morning, comforted by the sounds of my roommate getting ready for the day and the steady falling rain. It was grand. Then I sat in the living room of my ocean-side home (yes, life is good - photos to come) with a cup of raspberry tea, my iPod, my new journal and Jesus. A dear friend gave me a book entitled God Calling and what a gem it is! Every day, I'm able to hear God speak to me in a tangible way and here's what he said today:

"When supply seems to have failed, you must know that it has not done so. But you must, at the same time, look around to see what you can give away. Give away something.

There is always a stagnation, a blockage, when supply seems short. Your giving clears that away, and lets the Spirit of My Supply flow clear.

A consciousness of My Presence as Love makes all life different. The consciousness of Me means the opening of your whole nature to Me, and that brings relief. Relief brings Peace. Peace brings joy. The "Peace that passes all understanding" and the "Joy that no man can take from you."

Beyond all words is My Love and Care for you. Be sure of it. Rejoice in it. Walk in My Love. These words mean much. There is a joy, a spring, a gladness in those who walk in My Love. That walk becomes a glad conquering and triumphant march. So walk."

Wow. Amazing. Isn't that what everybody wants? Don't we want to confidently walk in a love that will never fail us? So frequently we try to walk in the love of other people, but this is the only love that we can really be sure of. I certainly want the love I walk in to bring relief, peace, joy and care. I want to conquer and march triumphantly. These words from God were just so great today!

So as I didn't plan on blogging this morning, there it is. I planned on having bacon, eggs, and some of my roommate's delicious banana bread, showering and heading to school. But instead, I was interrupted by such an extraordinary love.

So walk.

Photo credit: Lyndsay Harwood, New Zealand.


  1. hi friend. just thought i'd stop by to say that I love you and I kinda sorta think you're a rockstar! :)

  2. Hi, so I am catching up on your life by reading your blog because I haven't talked to you in a while. And I love this post. I love that you are willing to stop when love comes to interrupt you. That you don't get frustrated and annoyed like most of us do when we are interrupted in our busy schedules, but you gladly accept it with open arms. Continue to walk in love. He is doing great things in you. Love you and miss you.


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