September 27, 2010


I feel a desire or inspiration to create
                                         to act
                                         to go
                                         to do
                                         to be.

So here's my first little thought along these lines:

When I was in Australia, I went to the Paddington Markets twice. About a 15 minute bus ride from Sydney, the sidewalk and church courtyard was filled with artisans selling their goods every Saturday. Intricate jewelry, stunning photography, unique textiles, and jaw-dropping paintings are some of the things that you'd see meandering through the crowds and tables.

But my favorite was the pottery. Every time I go to an artisan sale or even a yard sale, I'm enamored by the pottery and ache to come home with something. Just last week I brought two matching mugs home from a yard sale because they were so cute and unique. My roommates say, "If you bring one more mug into this house, so help me..." But I can't resist. At the Wenham Artisan Fair a few weeks back, I exclaimed to my brother Tony, "I just need to be a potter! Then my problems will be solved!" A bit dramatic, I know, but it's the art form that captivates me the most.

In Paddington, there was an artisan who did screen printing on porcelain and it rocked my world. It opened a whole new door to this intriguing sphere of pottery! I couldn't find a photo of it on the Paddington Markets site, but here's a picture of the same things from Anthrpologie.

The Australian woman also made bowls, cups, saucers, mugs, platters and more! They were wonderful and awakened a desire in me to learn about porcelain screen printing. So adorable, right?


  1. Where's the picture?

  2. Can you see it now? Thanks for pointing that out - that was weird!

  3. Yup!! Very pretty.

  4. Anthrpologie?

    I remember you telling me about this screen-printed pottery! It sounds fantastic.


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