January 15, 2013

what january brings

It's been a while, (for posting in general, and especially for a gifts post) but I'm back around these parts hoping to be inspired. I haven't really even been reading blogs much these days - which is weird because it used to be an almost daily activity. This might sound weird (because I really do love all of the blogs I read), but the time away is almost... freeing.

I think there's something about blogging that can breed discontentment. Hmm, maybe it's all of the beautiful and fashionable women, the pristine homes, and productivity that's enviable? Yeah, that's it.

I am content. I like my sense of style (or lack there of), I LOVE my new home and the shape it's starting to take, and I actually have been quite productive these days. I suppose the missing link is my inability to sit down and write about it. I want to blog when I want to blog, and not because I feel like I "should".

That's why I'm just going to take a few minutes today to put some stuff out here. Here are some things that the new year brings:

1. I have resolved to read more fiction. I set up an account on GoodReads (friend me if you're on it!) to help me maintain a list of books to read, and I have a chart where I make sure that I read for at least 15 minutes a day. Not earth-shattering, but discipline starts small, people. Two weeks in - so far so good. About halfway done with 1984 - which is another book that I was shockingly never assigned to read in school.

2. I have also resolved to do some sort of exercising at least 2-3 days a week. Again, starting small to get out of my winter slump. So far, I've been doing heaps of yoga and am tip-toeing ever so cautiously into the world of CrossFit. My body was so sore after just two days (not even two consecutive days) so we'll see if that continues. I sure would like to be jacked though...

3. A new job. This is the time when retail hours take a big plunge, so I'm now barely working at Madewell - maybe 5 hours a week, if I'm lucky (which I'm mostly not). I've been there part-time since October, all the while looking for something to fill in the gap. But now I've found something that I hope will be fulfilling for me, as it's much more in my horizon of concern (shout out to those who know that lingo). I am now a manager at the Philadelphia Rock Gym and start training this week. I hope I enjoy it as much as I anticipate!

4. Either a new or off-shoot blog is in process. I know, I can barely keep up with this one so what's the point? Well because it's a joint venture, a brain child we've been mulling over for almost a year, and it will be different. It will be different because it's not about growth, it's not about followers, it's not about building an internet dynasty (like most bloggers hope to do). It won't have sponsorship, it won't have a multitude of links and pages, and there won't be any pressure to post. Our hopes are that it will be more personal, deeper, more creative, clean and simple. I'm unsure if I'll keep this blog running as my own individual musings, but be on the lookout for something coming soon.

So here are some gifts that I remind myself of during this long state of transition:
a magnificent holiday season, even if it went entirely undocumented. 

the ability for a clean slate whenever we want - not just every 12 months. 

inspiration - even when you have to go looking for it. 

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  1. Your new 'off shoot' blog sounds like something I would like to read! these are all wonderful resolutions!


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