March 2, 2012

why I can never be a "what I wore today" blogger.

This is something I've given great thought to, and I figured I'd let you in on my ponderings.

I really do enjoy fashion. Honest. 

I freakin' adore Kendi Everday and get ideas from her all the time.


She's very "pinnable" and I love the way she pairs so many unique pieces. And I really admire that she's made a living out of posting what she wears! That's so impressive. She rocks.

I also commonly drool over all things J.Crew. Their bright colors and unexpected combinations always keep me coming back for more. It's not uncommon for me to visit their website for inspiration before I get dressed in the morning. I'm currently styling my thrifted-but-nearly-identical pieces in this sort of manner...

See? I'm not inept! I can get the job done.

However, the truth of the matter is - if my job didn't dictate my fashion choices, 
here's what I would naturally gravitate toward...
{find sources on my pinterest board}
Frump. Central.

Not gonna lie, I think that second photo is of a guy but I don't even care. I would wear that every day.
Maybe "frumpy" is the wrong word. The connotation is all wrong. Some of my favorite words are "over-sized", "cozy", "comfy" and "loose". I think you get the gist.

This is why I need a work-from-home job - so I can sit on my couch in my wool socks, leggings and blankets. Or do work from Starbucks in loose jeans, baggy sweaters and a baseball cap.

At the heart of it, could I post photos of the J.Crew inspired outfits that I put together for work?
But could I do it in good conscience, knowing that it actually only takes about five minutes before I start feeling constricted, cold, and daydream of my more generously cut articles of clothing?

I just needed to be transparent about that fact.
I admire all of you dressy ladies, because I'm simply not cut out for it.


  1. I so love Kendi's blog, but I actually do work from home and totally rock sweats far too's nice on cold winter days, but at the same time I kind of miss having a reason to dress up...the grass is always greener! xoxo

  2. How funny. I work from home and my wardrobe generally consists of pajamas or workout clothes. Super fashionable. Since I'm technically a fashion blogger and have been wanting to get out of the funk of pajamas every day I've started MAKING myself get dressed once a week and then blogging about it. I hope with all my heart that I'll soon have a job again that dictates at least a little bit of what I wear.

  3. You could totally do comfy casual frump posts! A million ladies want to know how to make frumpy and casual cute! Before I became a stay at home mom I was in marketing and I had to dress up. It's so funny how your style evolves when you don't have to consider work clothes.

  4. I've done one outfit post ever. that's probably the extent of my fashion blogging. sure, there are days when I think "hey! this outfit would make a great "what I wore" post!" but then I'm just too lazy to take the photos.


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