September 10, 2012

home again. [a photo tour of an entire summer]

Are there really any excuses for disappearing from the blogosphere for an entire summer?


well first we moved here at the end of May and had to get settled in, and then less then two weeks later

we went to San Diego for 10 days. Saw the sights, went to the beach, went to the zoo, but primarily visited these two...

(bro and almost sister-in-law). Then we flew straight to Massachusetts for Ashley & Tim's wedding,

and then drove to up-state New York to work for these guys the next day,

where we lead eight incoming college freshmen through the wilderness hiking with massive loads on our backs for 12 days. 

{photo via}

Then after a full month away from our new place, we were home. For 11 days. Sorry I didn't blog.

But then we did this for our one year anniversary on July 9th,

and it was absolutely beautiful! 

After 11 crazy full days at home, we left again for my best friend Abby's wedding in Massachusetts. Remember her?

Well look how gorgeous she is with her hub, Adam:

{photos by Pear Tree Studio}

It was just the most absolutely fabulous and perfect day. Any more positive adjectives to throw in there? It was a dream.

 We were in MA for about a week for that affair, and we were also lucky enough to see all of these wonderful people again. All siblings together on the east coast again, and nieces and nephews galore.

After just enough time to breathe, we then headed to Long Island later that same week for Justin & Cherisa's wedding.

{photo via Aly Martin Photography}

It was a super fun trip, but a whirlwind of a time - 2 weddings in one week, and another 10 days away from our new home in PA.

With that, we thankfully and eagerly returned home again. For another 11 days.

This time at home: we just worked our butts off getting all moved in, tried to relax, attended a baby shower, tried to work to earn some money to fund our ventures, built a fire pit to encourage the aforementioned relaxation,

and 11 way-too-short days later, we left for NY again for another backpacking trip.

Ten more students eager to start college and 12 more days in the woods.

We swung by Massachusetts on the way home and took more parents rock climbing,

did some climbing ourselves,

and then finally we were able to come home. So after three more weeks away, we were home for good.

Oh, and in between all of that, we also had started ripping apart our kitchen,

so that was yet another thing keeping me away from blogging.

Anyway, things are starting to slow down and replicate a normal life again. We'll see if it sticks.
Since we've been home this time around (just over a week, I think?) we cleaned the house like crazy to host the Pennsylvania fam for Labor Day, which was such a blast. There's nothing like inviting people over to get stuff done around the house, amen? We had such a good time with everyone and the temporary kitchen makeover is really starting to come together. Photos to come on that.

We also went to New Jersey to buy a new (used) car - definitely more to come on that! - and I started making a dress with my friend Emily! The crafting has begun. Life must be normal again. 

To end it all, I was put in my place with what felt like 48-hour pneumonia this weekend. That's God saying, "Slow the heck down, woman!" Noted. I really really want to stop, I promise.

So I apologize for my long long blogging hiatus, but it's good to be back. Don't you feel all caught up? :)

{more stories and photos to come about most of these things!}


  1. you're back! congrats to your bro on his wedding in a cpl months!


    I am a thousand times jealous of you.

  3. You're back! Yay! And your hair looks fantastic!!

  4. I must confess that I did not attempt to CLIMB the rock, I just rappelled down a few times...After all,I had just done my nails the day before! (Not that I think I could've conquered it anyway, but the nails were a good excuse!)

  5. You're back!
    and also forgot to mention that you're off to Massachusetts yet again.
    Can't wait to see you, friend!


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