September 14, 2012

going north

Well it's that time again. I think I neglected to say in my long litany of summer plans that we're actually headed back up to the glorious state of Massachusetts again this weekend for [almost] the last time in 2012.

{print via 1canoe2 letterpress on Etsy - how great is that.}

This dear friend of mine is getting married at the beautiful Willowdale Estate and I can't wait to be reunited with all of my college friends for this joyous occasion. The other weddings we went to this summer were obviously a blast, but this wedding is the one that will have the most people I love and miss at it. You know how the best weddings are the ones with almost every single one of your friends at them? Well this will be that wedding :) So stoked.

We're also staying with one of my bff's and her hub, and there's talk of a pie party going down this weekend too. I'd be jealous if I were you. Should be a fabulous time with more stories to share building on our jam-packed summer.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. it. happened. so. fast.
    is it strange to with that i was a fly on the wall of my own wedding?
    i don't think i've ever wanted to be in so many places at one time...
    deep thanks to you and your love for deciding it was worth yet another trip! :)


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