April 25, 2012


I'm not a true vegetarian, but I love vegetables. Sometimes I don't know what else to have for dinner with my vegetables. I bet my parents never would have seen that coming. I don't have much of a sweet tooth (minus Oreos) so most of the time, I would prefer some oil-slathered and spiced asparagus for dessert over your typical treats.

We love baking veggies at our house. They're part of almost every meal. Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, kale chips - ugh, so dang good. If you haven't hopped on this train yet: toss any them in olive oil with salt and garlic powder and bake them for about 20 min at 350F (kale takes a little less time so they don't burn). It'll change your life.

Given our addiction, we've been trying to branch out and try other veggies. There's of course the bell peppers that we stir fry sometimes and add to a bowl of couscous. And I love stir frying green beans too (so that they're nice and crispy) and adding soy sauce, ginger and honey. Then there's my edamame fixation and our experiment with some very yummy leeks.

But those aren't all that impressive. I mean, it was time to really branch out. That's why Will told me it was time for these...

Scary, I know.

But he really likes them, and it was a first for me! So I had to man-up and give them a shot.

And folks, we're in love. The asparagus is a little intimidated.

Below is a new favorite dish that I've made like five times over now.

Cut the stubby end off of the sprout and then cut them in half. Remove any wilted leaves, but keep the other ones that fall off in the process - they end up being like yummy kale chips after fried! Saute sprouts and leaves in oil about 4-5 minutes on each side and sprinkle salt and garlic powder on them.

Meanwhile, be boiling water to cook some pasta until it's al dente (nearly done). Then drain the pasta and add it to the frying pan with the brussels. Add soy sauce and cook for five more minutes, stirring frequently so the pasta doesn't stick but gets the chance to be a little crunchy. Then add soy sauce, a squeeze of honey and some sesame seeds, and voila! Delish.

Did I mention that if I was paid to photograph anything, it would be food? It's the most agreeable subject.


  1. I have to admit that I am a bit intimidated by brussels sprouts, but your recipe looks good!

    My favorite veggie right now has to be asparagus!! So good! :)

  2. Oh.my.gosh. I have never had brussel sprouts, but I think you've sold me. I actually think you could sell anyone with those delicious photos.

  3. Pablo just sauteed up some sprouts with dinner on Monday night! Yum-O :)

  4. brussel sprouts are my favorite!! sooooooo yummy!

  5. Anonymous10/12/2012

    Is this you?


  6. Haha, luckily it's not quite to the point of needing help ;)


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