April 15, 2012

oh, weekends.

Weekends, I just love it when you allow for lunches like this...

1 cup of quinoa boiled in 1 cup of water and 1 cup of vegetable stock &
spinach cooked in olive oil and seasoned with salt and garlic powder
and afternoons like this:

one of my favorite places on earth.
[photo by RWB]
we got engaged in almost exactly this spot!
[photo by RWB]
the lawn
[photo by RWB]

second floor apartment of the yacht club's carriage house 

I love unwinding in the yard to the smell of the salty sea.


Lord, thank you for the gift of where we live - at least for the next 36 days.
Thanks for a productive yet relaxing weekend to recover.


  1. Where is that pretty place?? Are those "the cliffs" in Magnolia that I have heard so much about but have yet to visit?
    Jealous of your relaxation! :)

    1. it's called Coolidge Reservation or "Ocean Lawn" and it's through the Trustees of Reservations. They aren't technically "the cliffs" but I like this place better. You should check it out! Off of exit 15. Look it up :)

    2. I will most definitely look it up! Thanks!! :)

  2. look slike you had a nice weekend!

    and i wanted to share my giveaway with the blogger ladies that i adore


  3. "for the next 36 days"
    that sentence brings my heart joy. mostly because it means that in 36 days, you'll be living within an hour of me. :)

    1. yessss, can't wait! :D


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