April 10, 2012

my favorite accessory

I hope you all had a relaxing and blessed Easter! Tomorrow I'll write about the adventure that Will and I went on for the weekend - we're not even home yet!

But for now, I thought I'd quickly share about a slight addiction I have...

You may not consider this legitimate, but my favorite accessory is my hair. It grows back, so why not change it to suit your mood or current look? Inspired by a recent hair post from Cup of Jo, I thought I'd share the extensive journey my hair has been on. I think I change my hair more than anyone else I know. Such a trooper, that hair of mine.

Starting with late high school through the present day, here we go:

My hair was naturally blond for so long and I would just highlight it, that I didn't even realize when it naturally got so much darker! So as you can see, I did a major chop to get back to my natural color - which turned out to be some mousey brown with a little reddish tint shown in photo number 4. Interesting. Didn't see that coming.

I did Locks for Love in early high school, but not this time around. This time I was gradually chopping because I'm a haircut addict. I had the bleached blond short 'do in photo number 3 when Will met me, and I haven't looked like that since! After that, we had the pixie cut, the faux hawk, the mom phase (love it short, but growing it back is a long arduous trek through mullets and soccer mom looks), bangs to change it up during the growing process, short perm preparing for dreads, the lovely locks themselves, the chop post-dread-pre-wedding...

and I've been trying to patiently grow it ever since.

I'm so fickle. When it's short, I want it long. When it's long or growing, I just count the days until the next big chop. What on earth is my problem? I think I have an issue with being content.
But why not? It's just hair :)

So where am I now?

photo by Will
Fresh bangs again. 

The great chop is oh-so tempting to me these days, but I'm sticking it out for now! 
Look how long it's getting! Be proud of me. It's a big deal.


  1. agreed. i've always felt the same way. but i've promised myself that I'm not chopping my hair off until i'm at least in my 30's. i love my curls too much!!

    That's all I have to say.

  3. It looks very lovely now! The bangs are cute! :)


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