October 18, 2011

how to have a smart home

No, we're not talking about a creepy house that talks to you and makes your breakfast like that old school Disney channel movie. I mean this short, cute article in USA weekend.

In brief, here's their list of what your home needs to be a non-threatening, learning environment.

1. world map
2. dictionary - not the kind on your Mac's dashboard
3. table for jigsaw puzzles
4. brain-boosting library - including but not limited to crosswords, mazes and Sudoku
5. domino set
6. special reading spot

I was inspired by most of those - especially since I had just conquered that issue's Sudoku on the back page - but the most gripping one to me was the special reading spot.

I love so much the idea of having a place especially designated for being cozy and quiet. If there happens to be a book along for the journey, that's fine, but I mostly just want to have a spot where I can curl up and relax.

Also, when I googled "create a reading nook", I was bombarded with beautiful ideas. I think I'm a sucker for anything that has the term "nook" in it. Here are some finds:

So I've learned from my extensive research that two things are important for the reading nook.
1. natural light
2. and a seriously comfy chair.

Not an upright victorian arm chair, not something made out of trendy chic plastic, not one with no arms. Let's be real. Give me a papasan chair (above) or a freaking chaise lounger. I want my book readin' to naturally fade into nap takin'. 

Thanks USA Weekend for your well-meant intentions of making my home smarter. I think I'm taking in in the wrong direction... :)

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  1. the second one is my favorite....but it looks like more of a bed? (which I'm fine with)
    and of course you love anything with the word nook in it. you always snuggled in the nook of the green couch in dexter, the nook in Broms 310 was the source of many good chats. nooks are da bomb.
    Sunday, I sat down with my most recent copy of Real Simple, and in 3 minutes, I was dozing off....what does that say about my lifestyle right now?


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