October 19, 2011

the airstream dream

I'm about to divulge a crazy dream. I know that my betrothed thinks it will be awesome, 
but most others will probably think we're out of our minds.

Step 1: have a stable work-from-home-as-my-own-boss job

Step 2: which will enable us to invest in an airstream trailer.

2a: avoid spending a fortune.
2b: by using this little gem of a website.

Step 3: redo the inside so it looks less like this...

and a lot more like this...

um, yes. see this guy's whole "house" tour here.

Step 4: travel the country as a freelance writer/designer
and see everything our beautiful country has to offer.

Step 5: then create an awesome website for documentation like this guy.

I would want to totally "green" our trailer. I've been reading up on how to add solar panels, composting toilets (I know, gross), adding a cork floor, etc. They call people who live these extreme eco-friendly lifestyles "bioneers" - how cool would we be?! 

Just kidding. Only kind of.

Someday, folks. Someday.

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  1. I dig your idea! I have a small obsession with Airstreams! :) Love them!


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