October 28, 2011

Happy Weekend!

What's on our weekend agenda? 

My parent's decided to do this really sweet thing where instead of one huge gift, we get one small wedding gift every month for the first year. How fun is that, right? It's like every month has a birthday, shared with someone who I think is really great :)

So this month's present involves spending more time with some old friends.
Remember these guys?

Oh yeeeah. Saw them in concert back in February (and it was incredible, read the review), and Will and I get the pleasure to see The Civil Wars tonight! He hasn't seen them live before, so I'm thrilled for him. And I'm even more thrilled for me, because I already know what we're in for. It will be amazing.

We're also meeting up with a dear friend from CT who is coming up for the show! We'll have dinner, reconnect and love on each other. Haven't seen her since she was in our wedding 4 months ago. A travesty.

And finally, we're moving once again. Yes, a big weekend for the Baldwins. It's only a ten minute move,  but we're really really looking forward to it. Why you ask? Oh, just the view from our new backyard is all...

We are blessed.

Enjoy your weekends! Any fun plans?

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