August 3, 2011

old married lady.

My loving mother has been calling me an old married lady these days and let me tell ya - I've been feeling that way lately. Many friends are asking, "how's married life?!" and the truth is, it's so wonderful! Life feels so normal living with Will, cooking with Will, waking up with Will - but we are two of the most exhausted people ever. What's with us? Is being married just an exhausting thing? Are we still catching up from all of the wedding-planning stress? Who knows.

We had an absolutely fantastic day. It was gorgeous and my grandparents' yard was transformed into the most perfect backyard wedding venue. The weather was flawless and the yard was littered with our closest friends and family who came from all over - from Illinois, from Pennsylvania, from Australia - I know, we're a big deal. But it was so laid back and enjoyable, and we can't wait to see the highlights from our video and more of our photos. I'll post more fun things as soon as I've got 'em :)

But in the meantime, the hub and I are like grandma and grandpa. We're back in the monotonous day-to-day life of full-time work only to come home, make dinner, and still have unpacking to do in the apartment. We're trying to catch up on sleep, but man are we dragging. Is this normal to feel after getting married? We've heard from some people that they basically went into hibernation for two months so they could adjust... wouldn't that be nice. Just take an extended vacation from work and all responsibilities for a while. Ugh. Well, can't win 'em all. Until then, we'll just keep pushing through and sorting through our piles and piles of belongings. Our to sell pile is growing. Anyone need a twin mattress and or a wake board?

Below is a photo of me and the hub. I told you, this life is certainly taking it's toll.

[photo by L. Harwood, Brisbane, AU]

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