July 21, 2011

Mission Completed

The deed has been done.
We're hitched :)

and we absolutely adore the photos we've seen so far. 
Our photographer, Scotland Huber, does brilliant work.

See a sneak peek of our wedding here!

And thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with us! We had an incredible time.


  1. I was going to mention to you that it was time for a blog update, Mrs. B.!!

  2. 1. your wedding was perfect. i'm so glad i got to celebrate with you guys!
    2. you just gave me a heart attack. i clicked my normal link to check out your blog, and blogger told me it was no longer there. i had to do some digging, and find a comment you previously left me, and then eventually find my way here. i understand the domain name change, but please, a little warning next time!

  3. I'm so sorry about the unexpected change! I told those who I figured had it bookmarked, but I guess I just thought you accessed it through Blogger anyway! My b, but I'm glad you found me :)

  4. WOOOOOOO, you're married. what a fantastically fun day.

  5. YAY! You guys looked fantastic! So... how's married life ;)


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