August 10, 2011

map attack

Inspired by something I saw on another blog (can't remember which because it was so long ago), I'd like you to meet the new addition in our home:

Ta da!

That's not our exact door, but the concept remains. Using an old atlas, I backed our paned glass door with el mapa and it looks fancier. Our door unfortunately doesn't have a crystal knob leading to a bright beautiful sitting room, but it DOES have a brass knob leading into the basement laundry area. Same? Or on the other side, our dark bedroom with no windows and a maroon rug. Same? No. I know, but it certainly dresses it up a notch. 

So here's another gem I found along the same lines and I can't quite tell how I feel about it.

Definitely a unique idea, but maybe only in a really simple room with simple decor and such. That busy's up the joint real fast, in my opinion. What are your thoughts? I think this photo does it well, hence my attention to it, but I think it's a fine line they walk. Would you ever do it? Or compliment it if you saw it?


  1. hey girl. congrats on your wedding! looks that it was a truly perfect day. i loved this top photo when i saw it so much that i bought the door and the maps. have i finished it? no! thanks for the reminder.

  2. love love love it :) the door I mean!


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