March 25, 2011

A Tale with a Tip.

Here we are, alone at our table but inundated by the people and noise swirling around our sparse two-by-four island. Brett is pushing words against the stopwatch he has set to keep him on track. I think his paper is due today. The woman to my right is ten inches away, a mother I think, facing away from me but toward two of her friends. I'm sitting here with my eyes locked on one screen and then the other, and then diverting to the diverse string of people at the counter in front of me. Should I buy a drink? I should get working like Brett. 

The women next to us. Some or all three of them are mothers and I know this because their little ones are impossible to miss. Two of them are as of now in the back hallway, running from side to side and then flopping onto the floor. Now they're scooting around in the highchairs. Now all three of them are back there, as noisy and as wild as they've been all morning.

Earlier they were running the length of this Starbucks, front door to back door and back again. And after some time, one of the mothers finally got up to retrieve the purse that had been dragged out to the middle of the track in order to serve as a hurdle of sorts for the runners. Then another of the mothers stood up and headed towards the back door to retrieve the rambunctious offspring. With one held in her arms and the others by the hand, she began the arduous journey back to her seat at the table that was at this point on the far side of us. 
As she passed, she taught us a simple lesson in the form of a quiet question:

"Is this good birth control guys?"

From William's experience at Starbucks this morning. A funny and vivid scene. Thanks for sharing this moment so well, Will.

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