March 11, 2011

on the move

In the past few weeks, I've been a bit frazzled. I hadn't been able to find:

- my brown leather Timberland gloves that mom-in-law got me for Christmas (I lived a horrible existence without them, but they've thankfully been found!)
- a book of checks when I knew I was supposed to have more left
- my hiking boots

This was distressing because I never lose things. I'm not a neat freak by any stretch (I always tend to be a bit clutter-y) but I can always put my finger right on whatever I'm looking for.

Confession: I'm a piler. If something doesn't have a spot, then it goes in the pile. Then the pile becomes that item's spot - problem solved.

So through my temporary rage, I ranted to Will about how I blame these dilemmas on my current living arrangement.

The fact that I live in a teensy apartment with three other girls,

and our storage area is a strange nook off of our kitchen that we have shoved all of our excess belongings in,

almost piled up to the ceiling,

blocking our third apartment entrance,

hidden behind a closet door that we removed - yeah, that's the culprit, indeed.

I'm am not a fan of these kinds of piles.

Since I was so scattered, Will emailed me a nice little summary of the things I want to get me all sorted out...

"Here's a compilation of your interspersions this morning:

1. move
2. purge your belongings
3. know right where everything is
4. change your ways
5. have a clean car."

He thinks I'm cute. Even if the trunk of my car houses things that I don't want to admit. I really do want to change my ways, honest. And the answer? An apartment with only two people in it and storage areas so that my dear Mable the Sable can experience true freedom from all of my crap. That's really why we're apartment hunting. It's all for Mable's sake.

So this evening, the man and I will continue on the quest by visiting three potential apartments in the fine town of Manchester By the Sea, found for us by my wonderful landlord/realtor! Not many landlords would also help you find a new place. Mine just rocks. Wish us luck!


  1. If you need an organizational consultant. . .

  2. Just like the professional organizers on hoarders? I swear I'm not at that point, and you know it.

  3. As soon as I found out that was a real profession, my heart leapt.


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