November 24, 2010

Give more than just thanks.

With this holiday season upon us, let's give thanks for everything in our lives and then expand to think outside of our immediate spheres. Here's an amazing, inspiring video that challenges and prompts a radical change in lifestyle. 

I'm game, are you?

November 18, 2010

The Final Hurrah

Here I am, finding myself in the home stretch! I only have 4 weeks left as a student and only 5 more days left of actual classes! Hallelujah. I never knew this day would come.

If you're interested, here's info on the number one thing that's been consuming my life lately... 
my senior thesis project! 

As a part of this project, I've planned a three-night series of events with times of worship and student speakers. With the help from the most wonderful friends, we've designed a logo, flyers, posters, created an interactive blog for students, filmed a promotional video, pieced together a band for each evening, gathered 6 students to share, and it all begins TONIGHT! I'm also going to be interviewed by Gordon's student newspaper, The Tartan, tomorrow for an article about the event, the inspiration and the planning process.

Please view the blog to get the full taste of everything we've been up to! This is the culmination of my college career, so check it out!

View the blog, the mission statement, the schedule and the video here!

November 12, 2010

Because I live by the sea...

I should invest in a fitting and appropriate light fixture such as this...

It's from Anthropologie (just like the item featured in my last "awaken" post), and I think it's so great. Tony has a buoy lamp that we scored yard-saling that would compliment this piece wonderfully.

It also makes me want to listen to this song, which I just put on now since it's fresh on the brain: The Wailin' Jennys - Saucy Sailor

The Wailin' Jennys will be feautured in a future "tune in" post, so be on the look out for that. They're good fun.

November 8, 2010

Recent Favorites.

Here are some photos from the past few weeks that have quickly made it to the top favorites...

Will & Cas
Grove City Visit
photos by: Kate O'Donnell

Nieces & Nephews
Topsfield Fair

Nieces & Nephews
Playing in the Leaves

Ashley & Cas
Haverhill, MA

November 4, 2010

If only.

It's Mental Health Week at Gordon -- a time filled with speakers, film discussions, Q&A panels with professors, and students sharing their hurts. When I think of Mental Health Week, it looks a lot less like this...

And sounds a lot more like this:

8:30AM: Wake up, go to the gym & work out for an hour or more.
9:30AM: Cook and eat a large, delicious breakfast that isn't rushed at all.
10:15AM: Shower and spend time fixing these rebellious dread locks.
10:45AM: Have a good, long quiet time.
11:45AM: Paint nails.
12:00PM: Meet up with friends for a delightful lunch.
1PM on: Go for walks on crunchy leaves, have down time with Will, catch up with the roommate I miss, call the friends who are far away, read for pleasure, practice my guitar, hang out with my mom.
10:30PM: Bed.

There's your Mental Health Week.

However, I will admit that when I got home this evening, I treated myself to a much needed halt of all things school-related. I was home alone (which never happens) so I made soup and a sandwich, and watched When Harry Met Sally with a glass of wine. That's right. Will I fall behind on everything else? Probably. But I deserved that.
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