November 18, 2010

The Final Hurrah

Here I am, finding myself in the home stretch! I only have 4 weeks left as a student and only 5 more days left of actual classes! Hallelujah. I never knew this day would come.

If you're interested, here's info on the number one thing that's been consuming my life lately... 
my senior thesis project! 

As a part of this project, I've planned a three-night series of events with times of worship and student speakers. With the help from the most wonderful friends, we've designed a logo, flyers, posters, created an interactive blog for students, filmed a promotional video, pieced together a band for each evening, gathered 6 students to share, and it all begins TONIGHT! I'm also going to be interviewed by Gordon's student newspaper, The Tartan, tomorrow for an article about the event, the inspiration and the planning process.

Please view the blog to get the full taste of everything we've been up to! This is the culmination of my college career, so check it out!

View the blog, the mission statement, the schedule and the video here!

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