November 4, 2010

If only.

It's Mental Health Week at Gordon -- a time filled with speakers, film discussions, Q&A panels with professors, and students sharing their hurts. When I think of Mental Health Week, it looks a lot less like this...

And sounds a lot more like this:

8:30AM: Wake up, go to the gym & work out for an hour or more.
9:30AM: Cook and eat a large, delicious breakfast that isn't rushed at all.
10:15AM: Shower and spend time fixing these rebellious dread locks.
10:45AM: Have a good, long quiet time.
11:45AM: Paint nails.
12:00PM: Meet up with friends for a delightful lunch.
1PM on: Go for walks on crunchy leaves, have down time with Will, catch up with the roommate I miss, call the friends who are far away, read for pleasure, practice my guitar, hang out with my mom.
10:30PM: Bed.

There's your Mental Health Week.

However, I will admit that when I got home this evening, I treated myself to a much needed halt of all things school-related. I was home alone (which never happens) so I made soup and a sandwich, and watched When Harry Met Sally with a glass of wine. That's right. Will I fall behind on everything else? Probably. But I deserved that.


  1. I take that to mean that hanging with me is good for your mental health, I like that! I SOOO miss you having down time for us to chill together!! I love & miss you, my chick. Maybe we shall see you this weekend.
    Love, Momma XOXOXOXOXOO

  2. It's true! It would be nice to see more of mi madre. Did you look closely at my calendar though? Haverhill is tentatively on there, but I think it's safe to make it a date! Will and I talked briefly about it this evening and I think we're a go :)

  3. Yes, I did see that! I couldn't quite read the start time and there is no end.....must be a sleepover!

  4. Haha, the end time was actually around 8:30 I think, but you just can't tell in that picture. Nice try, but we have church in the morning! ;)

  5. BAH.
    I miss you too.
    we're looking at schedules ASAP...


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