November 24, 2010

Give more than just thanks.

With this holiday season upon us, let's give thanks for everything in our lives and then expand to think outside of our immediate spheres. Here's an amazing, inspiring video that challenges and prompts a radical change in lifestyle. 

I'm game, are you?


  1. I can't believe that there have been no comments here, so I must.....I wholeheartedly agree that we need to find our way out of the commercial 'traditions' put upon us and get back to the simple meaning of the season--Amazing, Incredible, Undeserved LOVE sent to us in human form to save us. We need to practically spread HIS love to the hurting WORLD (beyond our little comfort zone) around us and find ways to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of others. You go, girl -Preach it!!

  2. True that, Mom! Glad you agree :)


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