January 21, 2010

Updated link for photos!

Thank goodness for nerdy friends.

Brad suggested that I use Picasa Web Albums instead and it's so much better! I should have trusted Google from the start.

So here's a link to some great albums! Thanks Brad :)



  1. i love your pictures.

    you and that snake look pretty darn comfy. :)

    i have to go do a round (remember those?) and then its bed. but im gonna write you a good long reply fri night (or sat at latest)

    and dont worry i havent forgotten about the second part of your bday gift :) im sending it as an attachment with this next missive. :)


  2. christine and i like the pics...especially the ones where you stole the title from friends.

    "the one with the big scary spider." (ROSS?!?!?!) :)


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