January 16, 2010


A free Flickr account only allows for 100MB of space - I was able to upload a whopping 21 photos. Fabulous. After learning this, I went on the quest for another site to use. I settled on Zooomr, but they are upgrading and not accepting new accounts at the moment (strange).

So for now, I chose Photobucket. Hopefully it works out okay.

Click here for a preview of some photos from my day in the rainforest!


  1. Picasa Web Albums is free and gives you 1GB of storage.

    Another option would be Dropbox. It's a file sharing program, but any pictures you drop in the 'Photos' folder will be displayed as a photo gallery online. You can get a lot of space for free with Dropbox too, I've got 3.2GB!

    Just my nerdy two cents.

  2. Hmmm, maybe I'll look into the Picasa Web Albums. Photobucket is pretty ghetto.

    And I had Dropbox for a bit, but it was messing with my Skype connection, so I uninstalled it. I guess those peer-to-peer filing sharing apps conflict somehow. It's working so much better since I uninstalled Dropbox. Even my wireless is stronger. Also, in order for others to see those photos, wouldn't they have had to sign up for Dropbox? That'd be annoying... not sure though.

    Thanks for the advice though! I'll look into Picasa.


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