January 3, 2010

Counting in hours

In about 37 hours, I'll be heading to the airport! I honestly can't believe it.

So what still needs to be done before take off?

- make copies of travel documents
- last minute load of laundry (!)
- an updating of the iPod
- the packing of toiletries that will be used tomorrow and Monday morning

and then I think I'm ready to go! It's sinking in now, I'm actually leaving.

My wonderful friend Kate is sleeping over tonight to fend off the raging New England weather this weekend. She was visiting family in Mass today, and decided not to go to Maine if she's just coming back to say bye to me tomorrow! What a love :) She helped me pack and is crazy good at it... an odd talent, but incredibly useful.

A note about my personality: I'm extremely action-oriented. I learn things by doing and I don't process things through very thoroughly. I'm not rash, but I'm certainly not pensive either. I'm typically on the go and don't give myself time to think and analyze life as it whizzes by. I have many people close to me that usually slow me down and force me to think and reflect. But it's times like these where it bites me in the butt. I'm approaching take off and it's all hitting me like this pleasant Nor'easter.

At dinner last night (Krueger's Flatbread in Haverhill, a true hidden jewel) my parents asked me, "What are you most excited about? What are you most nervous about?"

It's probably not a good sign when you take a bite of pizza and a huge gulp of water to give yourself time to brainstorm. And then the intelligible, insightful answer that emerges from your lips is: "Uhhhhh..."

Great. Not a clue. Mom asked, "You haven't thought about this?" And the truth is, not extensively. My biggest fear as of right now is losing luggage. What a nightmare. But no, nothing earth-shattering yet. So the deep, contemplative, soul-searching thoughts? I'll hop on that as the hours dwindle... maybe on the plane when there are not more critical details to tend to.

Anyway, maybe I'll post tomorrow with an updated hopes/fears list. But as for now, here's something crucial for those I love...

Please Skype me during the sane and sensible hours of communication for both continents that I conveniently blocked off! My name on Skype is Cassandra.Papia and I intend to leave it logged in most of the time.

I hope your Christmases were blessed, your New Year's Eves were rockin' and the first two days of a new decade were a success. 2010, bring it.


  1. I can't believe I missed Krueger's.

  2. As I write this, you are probably somewhere over the Pacific! So cool! I can't wait to hear about your Australian adventures! <3

  3. So I got your text last night (or this morning cuz it was 12:11am haha). I went to bed at eleven so I didn't get it til this morning. This saddened me because I didnt get to text you back and say "I Love You Cassandra Marie Papia". I hope your flight went well and I cant wait to read your next entry!

    That is all..... <3

  4. I was reading this blog while I added some crumbled feta to my scrambled eggs...smiling at the thought of you and thanking God that His love and care was going with you every mile of the way. Love you Cassie!


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