October 2, 2012

the inspiration station

Now that we're finally getting settled into our new home, it's time to start adding more of the finishing touches. When you first arrive in a place, there's the basic unpacking, the repeated arranging and rearranging of furniture - but you really feel like you live in a place when your stuff is finally up on walls and every inch of every room just feels like you.

Our place is starting to feel that way :) What I'm working on next is my desk area. In this house, I have space to have a legitimate desk of my own and do crafts! We have this landing on the second floor that has room for a desk for me, a desk for Will and a craft table. Wowza. So thrilled. 
I shall call my area the inspiration station.

Here are some ideas that are fueling my organization of this space:

via totalyhomedecor.com
via Say Yes to Hoboken

                             via A Blog Named Scout

via Maya

As you may have gathered, here's what I'm into - white and clean neutral colors, plants, organic materials, color-blocking, dip-dying, organization to the max and a slight vintage flair.

I've already color-blocked some cans for my markers, colored pencils and paint brushes and I intend to make that wall organizer and rope bowl soon! I might dip dye the legs of the bench I'm using and recover it, but my biggest challenge will be keeping plants alive. Alas.

I'll keep working on it and take some photos when it's presentable!


  1. Love all of these ideas! So when am I coming over to see your new place?

  2. Some cute ideas. How are Simon's babies doing?

  3. excited to see what you do!


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