March 1, 2010

A letter to a friend...

Dear Gordon College,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, contemplating what it is that makes me love you for who you are.

I love your small, neighborhood size. You don’t overdo it, nothing to gaudy. I love your New England charm that warms my heart, even when the wind chill is below zero. I love your pathways, shaded by the massive pines. And I love the big, strong trees of various shapes and sizes, even if they come crashing down into buildings sometimes.

I appreciate the way that you stimulate me academically. There’s no “just squeezing by.” If I don’t give my all, you can tell and I am penalized for it. You demand my best and don’t want anything less. Thanks for pushing me.

I appreciate the way that you comprehend and respect that PowerPoint is to be used as a supplement tool, an additive if you will. You understand that it’s not the end-all-be-all teaching crutch. Well, most of the time. Thanks for not reading slides to me all the day long.

I appreciate that when I don’t read for my assignments, it makes a huge difference and I feel embarrassed when it is discovered that I’ve cut corners. Even if this bites me in the butt sometimes, I like being held to that standard. I like that if I don’t read, I’ll be lost entirely and feel guilty about it. It makes me work harder next time. Thanks for noticing when I slip up and calling me out on it.

I actually appreciate genuinely fearing that an exam will rock my world. It’s much different than studying by the pool an hour beforehand, then strolling in haphazardly in my bathing suit, and sauntering back to the pool an hour later. Thanks for the challenge and instilling the fear of God in me.

I love that you have a quad, not a lake. And Gull Pond is much better anyway - we can actually swim in it. It’s far better than just looking at a pretty fountain, bridge and some bullsharks.

I really like how the CET is the only stop for all of one’s technological needs. Not the library front desk for sub-par wireless assistance, the self-serve kiosk for printer credit, and the Humanities store house for camera equipment. Oh, and thanks for not charging 12 cents/page for black and white printing and a $1/page for color.

I’m glad that you have a pretty bell that means something special, not one in a tower that plays “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and other ditties at the hours of 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm.

Most of all, I know that time and money spent with you is very well spent. I respect you and what you represent. You mean something, and it’s definitely not a waste. You’re worth it.

I suppose that it’s for now. Just know that I’ve been thinking of you fondly and I’m so glad to call you home. Love you. I’ll write again soon.



  1. All so true, dare I say it?... WE ARE GORDON!....yes.

  2. gordon is lucky to have you, cassie girl.

  3. Anna, I dare say, you jut made my day.

  4. CASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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