February 8, 2010

Australia Day

One quick post about something great that I was able to participate in... Australia Day!

On January 26th, Australia celebrates their Independence day. And as some of you know, the 4th of July is my favorite holiday, so I pretty much got to have it twice this year! You really can't go wrong - cook outs, swimming, fireworks.. it has everything that a holiday should have!

But Australia Day has some unique elements: it's a day of sausage sizzles (BBQ, no one actually says "shrimp on the barbie" just so you know), lamingtons, and "beah". Lamingtons are these lovely little pound cakes dipped in chocolate and coconut and there was a bit of alcohol consumed as well. No worries, I was safe and smart.

So my household had a party and it was great! After our classes were out (because Bond doesn't give you public holidays off... weird) we had maybe 25 people over and it was such a good time! Here's just a small taste... Australia, we love you!

It was a happy day, indeed.

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